The Naked Market

The Naked Market, a millennial CPG company, enlists the help of Montaro to successfully launch their DTC channel on Amazon and continue to grow their omnichannel food and beverage platform.

The company

The Naked Market is on a mission to create the CPG company of the future, building direct consumer relationships and the infrastructure to quickly bring consumers the trending, healthy products they crave.

The situation

The Naked Market was committed to making Amazon a successful channel and a strategic extension of its DTC business. The team knew that executing quickly and efficiently would prevent expensive pitfalls and allow them to gain profitable market share quickly. Having the technical expertise to manage the marketplace and execute on digital marketing were two primary considerations.

The Naked Market enlisted Montaro to help them enter and optimize DTC on Amazon, with a focus on new product launches, profitable sales growth, efficient operations, and digital marketing.

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The results

The creative and SEO teams at Montaro worked to create optimized listings, product images, A+ content, and a storefront that would effectively highlight the unique features and differentiating health benefits of each of their products while optimizing for Amazon. In parallel, Montaro began to develop and launch the customer review strategy to help build brand and product credibility. By bringing together a great product like Flock, a strong launch strategy, and effective execution, Montaro was able to generate hundreds of reviews, leading Flock to be the number one ranked “Chip” on Amazon.

In addition to brand optimization, Montaro developed a targeted advertising strategy designed to drive discoverability, differentiate the products, and drive profitable sales. As a result, brand sales grew over 250% on Amazon over the last year, with growth continuing. From an operating perspective, Amazon’s re-stock limits have made new product launches more difficult. However, Montaro was able to build a strategic sales roadmap to build a methodical and predictable increase in re-stock limits to plan for promotions and mitigate challenges to the launch.

As The Naked Market brings new and innovative healthy food products to market, they are excited to lean on Montaro’s Amazon expertise to continue to achieve successful new product launches, efficient advertising campaigns, and to ensure Amazon supports their DTC goals.

“Montaro has been the strategic partner we’ve wanted. They are proactive in optimizing sales and profits. They are analytical and strategic, making sure our brand is optimized across the platform.” – Harrison Fugman, Co-Founder and CEO